Saturday, May 22, 2010


Brady asked for steak, shrimp and s'mores by the fire pit for his birthday dinner. What a fun party Honey and Tatu gave him. He has sure been all about the food on this little birthday of his.


Good morning birthday boy!
Brady, I can't believe you are 7. I remember the day that we found out I was pregnant with you. We were both so excited and then couldn't wait until we knew if you were a boy or girl. I was just looking in your baby book and noticed that I had written down your name if you were a girl was going to be Emma. I think you make a much better Brady.
What a joy you have been to us! God knew we needed you in our lives :o) I am so very glad He has given you to us! Love you so very very much! Mommy
Brady asked if Jeff and I would take him on a birthday date. He wanted to go to La Hacienda (we were so excited). He ordered his "pink" drink and thoroughly enjoyed every last bit!

The new bull at La Hacienda. It is kinda slow for him.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Betsy has just been swinging and swinging lately and just thinks she is so big! She is so proud of herself. I am too!
Cutest little bottom ever!
At Sam's, Beau didn't think they had enough cars to look at.

Betsy was waiting on her turn at the dentist. She wasn't sure about it, but they had a horse.

Beau was just like a pro. And he didn't even have 1 cavity :o) GO BEAU!!!


Betsy was getting ready for church. She was making sure her hair looked just right. And wow it did!

We all got to have a dress up party at Nonnie and Pops! What fun!